Tuesday, April 2, 2019

REPARATIONS OR ELSE! 4-4-19 @ 11 PM EST CALL IN 5164539174

There is nothing else to talk about. Your crimes have been exposed: #HumanTrafficking Murder, Theft, Arson, Rape, and every other conceivable  (and inconceivable) smite against humanity you have done, and done them with impunity. You have done all of this only to have the illusion that you have more then anyone else. Not only that, you tried to hide your crimes through media, marketing, and miseducation. Now you are out of options, out of #whitelies, and out of time. You must admit what you have done to the descendents of slaves and the rest of the world. After that you must pay up and pay up BIG. Next #2RAW4TV the discussion of #reparations has escalated quickly. Reparations isn't just a political talking point, it is the only issue pink politicians should be discussing...or else. REPARATIONS OR ELSE Black people will get what is due to them one way or the other. If reparations aren't on the table there is no table.  Join us for this radical discussion
#Turnoffyourtv and #Tunein
11pm est
Call in 5164539174 *not t-mobile friendly *
#therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #ADOS #reperations #NipseyHussle #MakeAtlantaBlackAgain #orelse #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution #2RAW4TV

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