Monday, July 17, 2017


  1. It has been said that love is color blind. While violent racism is on the rise, companies are advertising their products using interracial "mixed" couples more then ever. If #racism is more popular then "equality" why are these companies trying to spread a false message of mixed racial love? Why arent they appealing to the masses? it possible that the racist agenda IS interracial? Can someone truly love you but can't identify with your experiences? Many mixed couples are now... finding out how racist their mates are, how can you love and hate at the same time? Next #2RAW4TV we ask the question that is on everyone's lips but no one wants to say. INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS: #RAPE OR #ROMANCE? Is there real love there or are you being manipulated for your melanin? The answer may shock you. #joinus!
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Can You Be A God With A Job? 7-13 @ 11pm est

  1. Before the civil war 99% of Black people "worked" for pink people and labored endlessly with no pay. After the slaves were freed and Blacks could "willingly" work for the employers of thier own choosing they were made promises by the establishment that things would change for them and their children, and they did, somewhat. Now, in 2017, 98% of Black people in America work for pink people. What happened? Why are Blacks still working for the same families that enslaved their ...ancestors? How can we end this vicious cycle of exploitation with knowledge? Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss this further with an expert panel who will offer real solutions to these questions plus much more. Now that you have realized your true divinity it's time for a true change. CAN YOU BE A GOD WITH A JOB?
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cognitive Dissonance: Will Your Old Beliefs Get You Killed In The New World? Featuring Bilal Munir Rahim 7-6 @ 11PM EST

Why do Black people have the most love for people who lied to them?
Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how even one enslaved belief can kill your hopes, dreams, and even you if you let them. What are these old ideas? What I the "turn the other cheek" syndrome ? Cognitive Dissonance: Will Your Old Beliefs Get You Killed In The New World.  Find out this plus prolific Phoenix artist Bilal Munir Rahim (@obfcbilal) talks about his mission, Our Black Father's Committee, and the power of the mind. This will be the most important broadcast of this year.
11pm est
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


A pregnant  black mother was just recently gunned down in her own home after a brazen robbery. The burglars were not the ones who killed Charleena Lyles, they were long gone. Instead racist police took her life in cold blood after she called them there to protect her belongings. Time after time Black people have been murdered by law enforcement sworn to protect them. It's time to realize police are not on our side. Anybody who is sworn to uphold the law is a race soldier for pink intrest. They are paid to terrorize Blacks and stop the rise of the Messiah. The solution is simple, STOP CALLING THE COPS! Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how there is successful nationwide movement to patrol our own neighborhoods and handle our own issues without foreign elements causing fatal confusion. Today we take out the terrorists, Thursday night  we take back our world. Concious hop icon , Connie Muhammad aka Nut The Goddess @goddessvisions, talks about her album, the #BlackAlert, and her upcoming performances in Atlanta. This is not fake. This is truth unfiltered. This is 2RAW4TV
11pm est
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Love Beyond Boundaries: How Polygamy Can Save The Black Community 6-22 @ 11 PM EST

Throw away everything that doesn't serve you. Just as we were given hammocks, chitlens, and fatback as poisonous post slavery "soul food" we have to break free of toxic social habits that are grounded in oppression. When we were in our aboriginal essence our interactions with one another were much more meaningful, electric, and tantric. Now men and women deal with each other in very shallow, selfish, and petty ways it borders on ridiculous, if not outright self destructive.... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GREATNESS? How can we become the best version of ourselves right now? How can we end domestic abuse, women beating, and police terrorism overnight? Next #2RAW4TV we will look at an ancient practice that is resurfacing and empowering couples all over the Black diaspora. LOVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES: HOW #POLYGAMY CAN SAVE THE BLACK COMMUNITY


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The Mandela Effect is turning percieved reality on its head. Last week #2RAW4TV uncovered the #Mandelaeffect Code. How are things we clearly remember disappearing or transforming to something completely alien to our collective memory? This week we will focus on the physiological  changes of the Mandela effect. We will show how our bodies have evolved  overnight and what's the best way to use these future super bodies. We will be talking to an expert panel of progressive theorists plus be joined by powerful  singer/songwriter  @itstiffanelove. This will change everything. #joinus
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Mandela Effect: Proof The White World Is Unraveling 6/8 @ 11pm est

It is our memories and experiences that shape the perception of who we are. What if your memories were not real and you never did what you experienced? Crazy? Welcome to our world. The lines in the movies have changed. Whole new historical narratives have been seemlessly woven in the fabric of human conciousness. Even anatomy of every living being is changing so rapidly science can't keep up. Now... every truth is an alternative fact which is a bridge to a new universe. What is happening before our eyes? Is it the ancestors or illuminati? You are now experiencing The Mandela Effect: Proof The White World Is Unraveling , next #2RAW4TV.
11pm est
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