Sunday, December 10, 2017


It takes steps to become who you want to be. It's a process to be great. It comes from constant fine tuning, setbacks, and strategy. When you see what you want to become, know it, walk it, live in that path. Western science theorizes that humans  come from primates, that physical changes happen with the  climate. Though that may be a sort of evolution, changes happen when we make a  decision to change. When we change our mindset to become more then the flesh  that binds us, what then do we become? How does man decide to be god?  Evolve: Secrets of a Black God. Next #2RAW4TV we talk about Black divinity, revolution, and language with prolific author Nikey Pasco  (@nikeypasco). Tune in and take it to the next level!
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


What if instead of Nat Turner rebelling against his slave masters he did overtime in the field? What if Harriet Tubman could have freed 1000 more slaves but she had to get her nails done? If you consider yourself "free" it is not just a kind gesture to free other slaves, but an obligation written in the blood of your ancestors. Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how freedom fighting isn't an option but a duty to the Awakened, and how to do it now! FIGHT OR DIE: THE GLOBAL DUTY OF FREE BLACK PEOPLE. Also joining us this #deepdecember highlighting Black language and creativity is Rion Scott author of the award winning story series, Insurrections. Take your mind to the next level and #tunein
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2RAW4TV is dedicating the month of DECEMBER to Brilliant Black writers #deepdecember

The month of December will be dedicated to dynamic Black authors on #2RAW4TV. #DEEPDECEMBER we will  go in depth and correct all consious communications. #DeepDecember will be about getting the language right and taking our listeners to the next level of thought, are you ready?  This Thursday (12/7) we will be talking to Rion Scott author of "Insurrections" and on 12/14 we will be discussing Black divinity  with revolutionary and author of "The Good Wife" @nikeypasco stay tuned and hashtag #deepdecember for more details! IF YOU ARE A CREATIVE #WRITER AND WANT TO BE PART OF POWERFUL PANEL DISCUSSION THIS MONTH EMAIL: PUT "DEEP DECEMBER" IN THE SUBJECT AND YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IN BODY AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. MUST SUBMIT INQUIRY BY 12/15. Turn off your tv, you will not need it anymore after this
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Never Normalize Slavery! How Black Slavery in Libya means Black Slavery in America 11/30 @ 11PM EST

#2NITE Never Normalize Slavery! Right now a tragedy is happening in #Libya. Thousands of misplaced migrants from across Africa are fleeing different versions of pink subjugation. In the midst of the chaos of running, there are people who are leading the most vulnerable Black people to chattel #slavery. Yes, the whips, chains, and humiliation our ancestors once endured is back. Again, like  it began 100's of years ago, it is starting with unsavory Arab traders. International silence is international acceptance of what is happening. Young men and women are being sold for a few hundred dollars. Strong evidence suggests  #Trump and his #racist regime are involved. How long will it be before they start trying to reenslave Blacks in America? It won't be long unless we fight now, unless we prepare now, unless we unify NOW! Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss the importance of what is happening in #Libya and take steps to stop modern day slavery- TODAY, before they enslave your mother or loved one. This will be the absolute most important broadcast you will hear and it starts with US!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How Black Magic Will Kill White Privilege featuring United Conscious Minds Enterprise 11/23

Pink privilege is coming to a permanent and painful end. While worldwide Europeans are crying about immigration, nationalism, and fake "black on black" crimes statistics there are other forces brewing that will solidify there annihilation.  Our ancestors knew about the power of words, the sigils of strength, and the spirits of war that protected our families and tribes against invaders. Even though a lot of this knowledge was lost, with this new #awakening many of us are getting back in tune with this frequency. This #TurkeyDay instead of celebrating the rape and pillage of indigenous tribes #2RAW4TV will expose the truth mainstream media is trying to distract you from, How Black Magic Will Kill #WhitePrivilege. Also joining us will be United Conscious Minds Enterprise a progressive group that is uniting melanated minds everywhere! Join us for this epic discussion plus so much more, you won't see this on television, the revolution is 2RAW4TV!
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Are You Still A Slave? Black People And Delusions Of Freedom 11-16-17 @ 11PM EST


Famed freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman,  once said she had "freed 1000 slaves" and she would have freed 1000 more if they just "knew they were slaves". Well, if a slave with literal chains on didn't understand they were a slave in the 1800s how would a slave with a Bluetooth headset and a "job" recognize they are one? Despite advancements in technology and communication the majority of Black people do not know what freedom is. You are only free to go to work and pay taxes. Everything else is potentially illegal according to pink subjugation. Slaves are NOT free to:
-defend themselves without repercussions -Own anything without be contested -provide real education to your children without promotion white lies.
If any of the above is done without constant overseeing by pigskin masters you are subject to fines, jail, or even death. So, tell me again how are you free in 2017? Are You Still A Slave? Black People And Delusions Of Freedom. Next #2RAW4TV we discuss how to truly transition into real freedom and how we will secure a free world for your children by any means necessary. We will also have suprise guests and new music #joinus
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Social Media Addiction: Harmless or Hurtful? Next #2RAW4TV 11/9 @ 11PM EST

It's morning, the sun hits your face. Yet
another day of long journeys and obligations. You stretch, stand up and reach for your first tool of the day, something that makes you smile. Are you reaching for your toothbrush  or your #IPHONE? While many people can get online, enjoy electric connections then unplug most #millenials have been turned out by twitter, take two puffs of #Facebook before they #snapchat, then chase it all down #youtube. Even the Cheeto in Charge of the land of Mayonnaise (Amerikkka) can't keep small #twitterfingers from tweeting  Social Media Addiction: Harmful or Hurtful?  Next #2RAW4TV we discuss this with a diverse panel of leaders. Tell us what you think call in 5164539174 @ 11PM EST on November 9th are you addicted to social media?
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