Dear Martin Family,

This is Palmetto Star, host of 2RAW4TV. Recently the Florida courts issued a devastating verdict in the case of Trayvon Martin's tragic murder. First and foremost,  I want to say sorry for your loss. There is nothing more tragic than losing somebody in your family prematurely. I felt connected to Trayvon because like him (and unfortunately most all melanated people in America) I have been racially profiled. Like him, it resulted in a gun being drawn. In my case there were many people watching, too many eyewitnesses for the racist coward to pull the trigger. These racists are the scourge of the earth; their only power lies in their guns and ammo. They can only operate in the darkness where they can't be seen, and where their prey is most vulnerable.
For the legal system to deliver the unjust verdict that they did and to side with the most vile and evil amongst us was a wake up call to those who felt they can rely upon this system for protection. The trial was anything but "fair." It was a sickening display of prejudice and bigotry. Again, I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

This should have NEVER happened.

On my watch this will NEVER happen again. In the wake of this public tragedy I have taken it upon myself to fight for justice for Trayvon. No longer will we endure blatant injustice like this. I have called on an International HUNGER STRIKE FOR TRAYVON. Our objective is to not only raise awareness but also:

1) Get REAL justice and or vindication for Trayvon
2) Complete eradication of the Stand Your Ground law
3) Audit & overhaul of the legal system & law enforcement of any state that has Stand Your Ground laws

We will be successful in getting justice for Trayvon. It is our children's right to be free and I will stand for nothing less than that. We will not eat until justice is reached!

With Love,
Palmetto Star

If you are participating in the Hunger Strike For Trayvon
1) Don't eat any solid foods until there is an eradication of the Stand Your Ground law or Justice For Trayvon
2) Let people know what you are doing- this will help in raising awareness about our plight. Use the hashtag #HungerStrike4Trayvon on your social media when talking about it
3) Stay tuned to 2RAW4TV for updates (blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV)

We are constantly on the phone talking to community leaders as well as elected officials. We are working diligently to get a change in the laws. I understand that people, for a myriad of reasons, may not be able to participate directly in the Hunger Strike For Trayvon. If you are not participating in the Hunger Strike for Trayvon directly here is how you can still be of assistance:

Thank You Contribution- $50 will help out tremendously. with this contribution level you also get a signed "Thank You" certificate from 2RAW4TV staff

Great Work Contribution -$75 goes a long way with this level not only receive a signed certificate but also a shoutout of you or your organization on 2RAW4TV international radio

Hero Contribution- $100 or greater would not only be a great help to the cause but  you will also receive a signed certificate, 2RAW4TV radio shoutout, and a signed 2RAW4TV shirt as well

ALL CONTRIBUTIONS HELP FUND: 1) gas and mobility to meet with different community and legislative leaders
2) Pay for the funeral cost in the case of my untimely demise or participant in the #HungerStrike4Trayvon's death
3) Large portion will also be donated to Trayvon Martin's family to help in further legal pursuits.

All contributions can be paid via PayPal at: 2RAW4TVRADIO@gmail.com

Thank you- we will get justice- by any mean necessary 

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