Wednesday, March 27, 2019


What does #popularity without power look like? Does it look like #mumblerappers with millions of likes, hearts, and "followers" who incoherently mutter about shooting at "opps" only to rat peacefully to cops? Is it once famous tv icons and singers who find themselves at the ropes end of  internet-group-think lynch mobs, their bodies swinging lifelessly in the gallows of pre approved public opinion? We know what that looks like, better question, what does #power look like? Is power the reason you pull out a cell phone instead of a pistol when the police are unjustly wrangling a child to the ground? Is power the reason you pay rent, water, gas, and tax to people you will never see? Fame is a game given to the powerless who misinterpret it as power when it is the exact opposite. The most "powerful" people are rarely seen or heard, in fact, some are very unpopular, nevertheless they get their way. Even if that way is against all sense and sensibilities, you better deal with it. Well, those days are done! Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how to amass true power, how to get things done without red tape, rules,and regulations. Also how to convert #facebook likes into real life manifestations. THE PRICE OF POPULARITY WITHOUT POWER is death by 1000 "likes" however after next broadcast the hunted will become the hunters and we will reveal a truth no other media outlet is talking about. Plus New #Music, new ideas, and new dimensions all this this Thursday! #turnoffyourtv and #Tunein!!
11pm est
Call in 5164539174 *not t-mobile friendly*
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