Tuesday, March 27, 2018

PINK PEOPLE ARE GMO 3/29 @ 11PM EST CALL IN 5164539174

We have learned through many experts including #drsebi that not every food we eat is natural. Much of our food has been engineered through time by herbalists, farmers, and agriculturalists to accommodate for the needs of thier region.  Our ancestors manipulated genes and cross bred plants to give us Kale, garlic... and also pink people. While many beings are original to this Earth some have been lab created and thier offspring are now your neighbors, lawyers, and terrorists. Why did our ancestors create these beings? What can we do to prevent them from turning Earth into the artificial labotories from whence they came? PINK PEOPLE ARE GMO. Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how cloning and creating life through scientific methods is not new, but ancient technology and how are ancestors created every thing with a "kill switch". We will be having a panel discussion about this in #Atlanta, DM @RatchetRevolutionary and be part of the live studio audience 
11pm est 
Call in 5164539174
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