Wednesday, February 14, 2018


There was a time when the landmass now referred to as #America was great. It was before the chains of slavery, before the civil rights movement, and before savages slew children on Plymouth Rock. There was a time when the indigenous men and women lived off the land in relative peace, abundance, and Blackness.
Yes, the original people in America were Black and Black has always been the majority in America.
Before "America" was overran by pale faced, forked tongued,  phonies with homicidal habits this land was a rich with resources and already a melting pot of original people from nations around the world.  Despite propaganda from #Fakenews frauds, it is this America that is rising again. MAKE AMERICA #BLACK AGAIN! Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss how America was always Black, how  people are successfully fighting gentrification, police terrorism, and other forms of genocide, and what "America" will look like without the mayonnaise. Tune in
11pm est
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#therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #StayWoke #Revolution #nativeamericans #Blackindians #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution

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