Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Black Panthers Break Down The Black Panther featuring Katib Sadiq National Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther party 2-22 @ 11PM EST

The movie #BlackPanther has got people all over the world in a frenzy. Some pink terrorist news outlets are even calling it a #BlackSupremacist film. Before the movie there were real superheroes, real #BlackPanthers doing extraordinary work to better our community and Black spaces. The Black Panthers are still out there #RightNow saving flood victims, feeding children and homeless, and fighting oppression worldwide. Next #2RAW4TV we will talk Katib Sadiq, national chief of staff of the New Black Panther party,  plus many other boots on the ground Black Panthers about this movie that uses their namesake. Is the Black Panther movie minimalizing the work real Superheroes are doing? Before you watch the movie listen to BLACK PANTHERS BREAKDOWN THE BLACK PANTHER this Thursday and blacken your experience.

11pm est
Call in 5164539174
#therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #StayWoke #BlackPanthers #BlackGods #BlackDivinity #BlackSupremacy #ifyouhearmyvoicethenyourepartoftherevolution

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