Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Black People Versus Everybody: Why Black Identity Extremists Are The Biggest Threat To America 10/19 @ 11PM EST

Sunday, thousands of blasted high powered
bullets ripped a country music concert apart, killing 60 and wounding nearly 600 pink party goers  wishing to just have a beer, a dance, and some redneck rhythms. The terrorist  who killed them was also white, no criminal record, and successful business man. The mainstream media, however, never called him a terrorist. Fast forward to the following week, an FBI report "leaked" through these mainstream media outlets like a bad mixtape with a new name of America's biggest threat. #BlackIdentityExtremist. Why with #racism on the rise, pink terrorism at an all time high, and police lynching Black men on camera, are the FBI turning their eyes to a new term for Black militants? Let's be honest, America is targeting ALL Black people. Black people ARE the biggest threat to the status quo. Black people now must be ready to fight, it's being brought to you. BLACK PEOPLE VS EVERYBODY: WHY BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMIST ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO AMERICA! Next #2RAW4TV we discuss this label, what it means,  and why Black people ARE the biggest threat to America #joinus 10/19  11pm est Call in 5164539174
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