Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Love Beyond Boundaries: How Polygamy Can Save The Black Community 6-22 @ 11 PM EST

Throw away everything that doesn't serve you. Just as we were given hammocks, chitlens, and fatback as poisonous post slavery "soul food" we have to break free of toxic social habits that are grounded in oppression. When we were in our aboriginal essence our interactions with one another were much more meaningful, electric, and tantric. Now men and women deal with each other in very shallow, selfish, and petty ways it borders on ridiculous, if not outright self destructive.... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GREATNESS? How can we become the best version of ourselves right now? How can we end domestic abuse, women beating, and police terrorism overnight? Next #2RAW4TV we will look at an ancient practice that is resurfacing and empowering couples all over the Black diaspora. LOVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES: HOW #POLYGAMY CAN SAVE THE BLACK COMMUNITY


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