Monday, September 5, 2016


Imagination is the key to creating new futures. Imagine a teenager- with his whole life ahead of him and a promising future en route to the store for his family to pick up some snacks and juice. This is a route he takes often and is very familiar with. Unfortunately watching him this faithful night is a demon in human clothing who is unfamiliar with him. Because the teen is youthful, black, and dressed for cold weather in a hoodie jacket he fits a profile created in Hollywood of a "criminal". Imagine that demon, using the excuse of this teenager "fitting the profile" to  now hunt the child like some hellish sport. Imagine with no warning or provocation except for the imaginary "profile" the teen fits the demon shoots the child dead in the street- hoping to feast on his vibrant soul. Imagine further that the law completely exonerates the demon of this cold blooded murder just based solely on the fact that the teenager was black and "threatening" looking. Imagine how the mother of Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown felt when these demons did just as described and got away with it? These aren't random acts of violence. An unarmed black person is shot every 28 hours under the asepsis of "law enforcement. This is LEGAL LYNCHING. This is the NEW Jim Crow. Now finally imagine a world in which we destroy all of these demons and the legal system that justifies this madness. Imagine no further, lets make it happen! Next 2RAW4TV we will bring real life, proactive, and practical solutions to dismantle LEGAL LYNCHING, debut new progressive music, and introduce surprise guests you won't believe till you listen. Join us on this epic broadcast

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