Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It happens almost like clockwork. Every month the mainstream media picks a situation out of thousands of injustices to highlight. Each month another officer sworn to uphold the law gets caught on camera shooting, brutally beating, or harrasing someone with their wide variety of weaponary. The people they choose  fall into one of four categories: 1) teen to young adult 2) elderly 3) working class to impoverished 4) brown to black complexion. With each month the same thing happens in the community: bitter outrage, nonviolent protests, people swearing that this will not happen again that their  actions, their picket signs, their words, will change things... until, like clockwork, it happens again. Next 2RAW4TV we ponder the possibilities- what if the people became revolutionary instead of reactionary? What if the police really feared doing harm to the citizens? What would it look like if, instead of being victimized, people decided to SHOOT FIRST?

Singer, Songwriter, and 1st lady of Visibly Inflight, Jamee Cornelia, talks about metaphysics, tee shirt design, and where you can find Visibly Inflight next.

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