Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Recently in Oakland, California two Black  teenage sisters were brutally stabbed by a pink #nazi extremist looking to be initiated into racist reich ranks of a white supremacist street gang. One girl survived. Unfortunately her sister, Nia Wilson, did not and died right in front of her. Malcolm X stated that the most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. Today, that is just as true as in Malcolm's time.
This stops now.

No longer will we sit back in a daze and watch the murder of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. This stops now. There will be no racist attack on any Black female by police or pink, without retribution. This stops now. Black woman, you will be guided to the highest heights of your potential and beyond and the backs of our fallen enemy will be your stairway to heaven. This stops now. What starts in this very moment is a challenge for the community to conquer by any means necessary. Next #2RAW4TV, it begins,  #ProtectBlackWomenChallenge. We will detail how we will provide protection for the women in our community. Remove  any foe, foreign or domestic, and create a safe space for Black women and girls to thrive in. We also will be talking to hard hitting artist, @kingleonx_, about his latest project, music, and revolution. This Thursday we take it to the next level, there is no turning back #tunein
11pm est
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