Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Black Supremacy is your only Salvation 1/25 @11PM EST

Before there was anything there was Black Supremacy. From the infinite darkness light was spawn. From the light all sorts of foolishness and fuckery flourished; government shutdowns, sex dolls, troglodyte trolls, and racist cops are all spawned from this light show. How do we combat it? How do we bring back the peace of Black? Next #2RAW4TV we will explore how to get out of the illusion of imaginery images, interfering algorithms,  and offensive oppression. When everything is crumbling around you  Black Supremacy is your only Salvation.  Take your thoughts and actions to the next level and #tunein!

CALL IN 5164539174
#therevolutionwillnotbetelevised #StayWoke #Revolution #BlackSupremacy #imnotracist #governmentshutdown #BringBackBlack

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