Thursday, November 30, 2017

Never Normalize Slavery! How Black Slavery in Libya means Black Slavery in America 11/30 @ 11PM EST

#2NITE Never Normalize Slavery! Right now a tragedy is happening in #Libya. Thousands of misplaced migrants from across Africa are fleeing different versions of pink subjugation. In the midst of the chaos of running, there are people who are leading the most vulnerable Black people to chattel #slavery. Yes, the whips, chains, and humiliation our ancestors once endured is back. Again, like  it began 100's of years ago, it is starting with unsavory Arab traders. International silence is international acceptance of what is happening. Young men and women are being sold for a few hundred dollars. Strong evidence suggests  #Trump and his #racist regime are involved. How long will it be before they start trying to reenslave Blacks in America? It won't be long unless we fight now, unless we prepare now, unless we unify NOW! Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss the importance of what is happening in #Libya and take steps to stop modern day slavery- TODAY, before they enslave your mother or loved one. This will be the absolute most important broadcast you will hear and it starts with US!
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