Wednesday, November 1, 2017


It's no secret, real pale people are angry. Recently hundreds of potentially pain killer popping pigskin Americans huddled in Tennessee to terrorize and hold an #WhiteLivesMatter rally. They threatened "deportation" along with a myriad of other haphazard group rantings, ignoring the truth that they were the first illegal aliens on this landmass. When will these #mayonnaise minions realize they will be treated like true minorities soon? When will these legions of losers learn ...they are only 5% of the Earth's population and shrinking? More importantly, when will the rest of the world realize that EVERY story used to give wordly importance to these impish erratic adult -infants has been a lie? Beyond the fear: #WhiteLiesMatter where would the world be if they truly knew that the fairytales of the Greek empire, Benjamin Franklin, and even the grandeur of the American government was a lie? What if the most powerful person in the room NEVER really had any power? Next #2RAW4TV we discuss how Black nation building is now more important than ever. The new roles men and women must take to usher in this new Black society and what it will take to be truly liberated. #tunein
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