Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Are You Still A Slave? Black People And Delusions Of Freedom 11-16-17 @ 11PM EST


Famed freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman,  once said she had "freed 1000 slaves" and she would have freed 1000 more if they just "knew they were slaves". Well, if a slave with literal chains on didn't understand they were a slave in the 1800s how would a slave with a Bluetooth headset and a "job" recognize they are one? Despite advancements in technology and communication the majority of Black people do not know what freedom is. You are only free to go to work and pay taxes. Everything else is potentially illegal according to pink subjugation. Slaves are NOT free to:
-defend themselves without repercussions -Own anything without be contested -provide real education to your children without promotion white lies.
If any of the above is done without constant overseeing by pigskin masters you are subject to fines, jail, or even death. So, tell me again how are you free in 2017? Are You Still A Slave? Black People And Delusions Of Freedom. Next #2RAW4TV we discuss how to truly transition into real freedom and how we will secure a free world for your children by any means necessary. We will also have suprise guests and new music #joinus
11pm est
Call in 5164539174
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