Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I SEE YOU ONLINE BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THESE STREETS? #bootsontheground 3-16 @ 11pm est

There are 1.71 Billion Facebook users world wide. Many of these people online are tired of their conditions. They post constantly about the corruption of the government, the Rothschilds and other elite bloodlines, and racism. They vent about the federal reserve, police terrorists, and FEMA camps. But after the emojis have been exhausted, Twitter fingers become tired, and thier ranting has been relieved they go back to their regular routine lives with the same dark cloud them. There are a few though that March onto the battlefield of the said enemies and will not stop fighting till the war is won. Next #2RAW4TV is about these people, organizations, and collectives that will WIN in the fight for people @ any cost. I SEE YOU ONLINE, BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THESE STREETS? We are at war put your #bootsontheground and join us!!
11pm est
Call in 5164539174

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