Monday, January 2, 2017

Black Death Culture and why it's necessary Featuring True God 1/5/16 @ 11PM EST

There were 762 senseless murders in Chicago last year. This is just one city across America. Thousands of melanated men, women, and children  fall prey to Black Death Culture. There are many reasons you can attribute these high number of killings to: a harsh environment, not enough jobs, lack of parents in the household, pink Jesus the list goes on and all play a role in these horrendous statistics. Yes, we need to correct the social circumstances that surround these deaths but in this Era of oppression, deception, and degradation what if the rage that spawned this madness was redirected? Next #2RAW4TV we will closely examine how to prevent unnecessary death, how we can protect our youth, and give and alternative solution to this poignant problem in our communities. BLACK DEATH CULTURE ...AND WHY IT'S NECESSARY...Righteous rebel and world renowned artist True God (@TrueGodImmortal) joins us to add on to this epic build as well as discuss his brand new project, Inception.
11pm est
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