Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are you a disgruntled employee or a happy SLAVE? 1/26 @ 11PM EST

You wake up in the morning and wish the day was already over. You get dressed, you get groomed, you get ready for another day in hell. You bought into the American dream and awakened in a nightmare. You are not your job! School didn't teach you self sufficiency it taught you how to make rich people richer. #2NITE on #2RAW4TV we pose the question: Are you a disgruntled employee or a happy SLAVE ? Plus we will explore how to escape the cycle of underpaid and unemployed anxiety. How do you feel about your job? Will Trump help or hurt Black workers or is the whole shitsem doomed? Call in 5164539174 @ 11PM EST tonight (1/26) and get the answers you NEED 

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