Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Prove That You're Awake, Dropout Featuring Citi Hampton 12 / 8

 The rise in conciousness has also caused an increase in charlatans. YouTube and Google has transformed conmen  into gurus and has painted true healers as heathens. How do you know who is really putting in the spiritual, social, and sacred work that will serve as a catalyst to real world change? Actions speak when words become slimy. By Next #2RAW4TV, they need to stop talking crazy! The people need more then lip service right now, if you are  pro people and anti society PROVE THAT YOU ARE AWAKE, DROP OUT! Artist and spiritual teacher, Citi Hampton, joins us to provide clarity in this foggy community of "conciousness" and sheds light on what's really important in these critical times.
11pm est 
Call in 5164539174 

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