Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Don't Be Afraid Of Angry White Men 10/20 @ 11 pm est

Unruly white men are at it again and this time will be the last time there privilege goes unchecked. With fire bombings, rape accusations, and email hacking, white on white crime seems to be at an all time high. The self elected elite are at each others throat, scrambling to maintain the little bit of power they have amassed. Unfortunately, for all of them, republican or democrat, Billionaire or senator, police lackey or Wallstreet thug thier time has come to an end. A new... superior power has come to shake things up and cut off all the unneeded fat. Now they are mad- very, very, mad and seething and doing all they can to avoid slipping into the abyss of obscurity. They may huff and they may puff but DON'T BE AFRAID OF ANGRY WHITE MEN!
Next #2RAW4TV we will discuss what to do when white subjugation hits it's inevitable boiling point plus we will introduce a funny addition to the 2RAW4TV family, Teigra Comedienne Ivey! So join us for this plus soooo much more!

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