Tuesday, July 12, 2016

FUCK A BOYCOTT! Be Supreme Or Die 7/14/16

There are several ways to enact real change in our communities. Boycotting is not one of them. Black people haven't had a successful boycott since civil rights leader, Martin Luther King was alive. Even then the boycotting movement only effected policy not real formidable change. The truth  is people are so addicted to consumerism that boycotting is almost impossible en masse. The truth is we need self sufficency above anything else. The truth is this message will only make you go two ways: Be Supreme or die! Next 2RAW4TV we will discuss what it will take for you to be self sufficient, the folly of the boycotting movement, and how we as a family can take it to the next level. Stop being mortal and become a GOD- find out how next 2RAW4TV!

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