Monday, July 15, 2013


What was formerly known as the "Justice System" in America has failed on a grand scale and on a stage for the world to see. They let Trayvon Martin's coldblooded killer go and now for millions of people there is no turning back. The power is shifting to the people and the elite are pulling all of the dirty  tricks they have out of their hat. This sickening display of injustice is one of the most unfortunate incidents in modern American history. Can justice still  prevail? Don't worry- this Thursday 2RAW4TV will reveal a solution to the problem that left  many distraught and wondering why.   We are not asking permission to correct the situation, the people are taking to the streets and making it happen for themselves! We will reveal a SOLUTION to the problem of Trayvon's tragedy! I AM JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN! 7/17/13 @ 11PM EST CALL 323-410-0036 TO COMMENT OR ?

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