Monday, July 9, 2012

Photoshoot with Charleston artist BadNewz (

Red Star Photography
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I had worked W/ Bad Newz before. He was well known Charleston Hit Maker that I had collabed w/ on a couple of tracks in the studio. Despite the hungry demeanor and a cd your grandmama would slap you for, Bad News is a very humble mug. He needed some serious photos for his latest website. He had seen some of my work, liked it and hit me to collab on another project.

Jeep wheels squeeled as he pulled up in the 5pts parking lot. Speakers on blast, Rotts barking out the window. "Hustleville!" he called out the window as he parked. We both know the Mayor of that town.
Even with overcast clouds, the shoot was an unbelivable success. The camera is magic. On days its shoots like this, I am sure of it.

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