Sunday, January 9, 2011

Has RAP killed the ROCKSTAR? Ft Trendsetting Artist -Jesse Scott 1-13-11

With the proliferation of the "mixtape", increased radio play and astronomical record sales worldwide- Hip Hop has established itself as voice of the youth. Rock and Roll,on the other hand, has seemed to lose its relevancy and commercial appeal. Where did all the Rock bands go? Is Rock dead? If so, has RAP killed the ROCKSTAR? Trendsetting artitst, Jesse Scott talks about the often cutthroat music scene in LA and the reemergence of the guitar in Hip hop music. WIN $500!! TUNE IN FOR DETAILS!MARK YOUR CALENDERS, YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/2RAW4TV (1-13-11) CALL 323-410-0036 TO COMMENT OR QUESTION

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